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Social events

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Welcome Reception


Tuesday - 20.00 - 17 [NOV] 15
Hotel NH Collection Cáceres Palacio de Oquendo






Guided tour

of the history of Cáceres rendered with tales, ballads and legends


Wednesday - 20.00 - 18 [NOV] 15
Cáceres, World Heritage Site




More information: http://caceresentumano.com/visitas-guiadas-ciudad-monumental-de-caceres-con-juglares-por-la-noche/



Congress dinner


Thursday - 21.30 - 19 [NOV] 15
Arguijuela Castle Ubicación


Castillo de la Arguijuela

The Arguijuela Castle, considered as a Heritage of Cultural Interest, is a harmonic construction of defensive elements: homage tower, guard posts and machicolations of renaissance decor.

The construction of the Arguijuela castle was started in the 15th century by Mr. Francisco de Ovando “El Viejo” and ended with the latest refurbishments carried out in the 17th century by Mr. Francisco de Ovando y Galarza.

Its current owner, the Viscount of Roda, a descendant of the Marqueses de Castro Serna, Ramón Jordán de Urríes and Martínez de Galinsoga, has turned the property into a modern hospitality complex with a modern concept but adequate respect for heritage and conservation.


Located on the Mérida-Cáceres road N-630, Km 568.


There will be a coach service to get there that will start from Plaza del Obispo Galarza (approx. time 20 Min - 16.3 km).